Witty Banter Episode 27: Twitch and Tobacco

Witty Banter gets back to form this week while they review Ghostrider White IPA from Wasatch. We touch on CVS’ policy change, the Twitch TV acquisition, and talk about movies that make us cry. Enjoy!

Witty Banter Presents: Deep Cuts

This week Witty Banter explores a new, off-handed format called Deep Cuts. Cole Blair makes his first time appearance on the show as your hosts pose one question each to the others. Listen along as we debate and discuss a variety of topics.

Witty Banter Episode 26: 1080p Mailbox

We finally have an episode that feels complete! Thank you so much, banter fans, for sending in your questions! Join your hosts this week as we talk about console specs, Apple’s stock prices, and DC’s struggle against marvel. The beer on review is Sprecher’s Black Bavarian. Enjoy!

Witty Banter Episode 25: Exclusive Robot Friends

This episode your hosts dive into the prospect of artificial friends, their most anticipated games, and debut a new game. Listen along as we review Wells Brewery’s Banana Bread Beer.

Witty Banter Episode 24: World Dominance– Engaged

The time has finally come. Witty Banter is back in full force with a new HQ, a new format, and a ravenous hunger for laughs. Join your hosts this week as they kick off a new era of banter, and cover topics of Europe, Gamestop, and EA Access. This week’s beer is Zeppelin from Max Leibinger Brewery. Enjoy!

Witty Banter Episode 23: Things Get Salty

Season 2 comes to a close, sadly. We have friend of the show Max Scott on to talk about news items, while revisiting old topics. Listen as we review a beer a little out of our comfort zones, and get your final fill of Witty Banter in this 2 hour finale before we return at the end of the summer.

Witty Banter Episode 21: Gamestop it

It’s business as usual here in episode 21. Your hosts detail some recent moves made by Gamestop, talk Chinese censorship, and hit on Amazon Prime. This week’s beer is Green Flash Brewing’s Imperial IPA. Indulge your ears people!

Witty Banter Episode 20: Shitty Banter

You’re low on cash, you just want to get a buzz, and no one can agree on what beer to buy. Its the situation that has plagued us all. Luckily your hosts at Witty Banter have sacrificed their bodies to bring you the definitive answer to one of life’s most perplexing questions: Which shitty beer is the best? Look no further friends, the answer is here.