Witty Banter Episode 36: Why Broken Games?

Forrest Culotta joins the show again this week and helps us discuss Playstation Vue, average phone usage, and the pressures behind game development. This weeks beer is Bridgeport Brewery’s Witch Hunt Spiced Ale. Oh and get ready for a hearty Skyfall debate too.

Witty Banter Episode 35: The Growth of Gaming

This week we discuss Apple’s monumental equity, Reddit’s CEO’s departure, and then riff on the games industry for a while. Seeing as the temperature is dropping,  we warm our stomachs this week with Founder’s Brewing’s Porter.

Witty Banter Presents: Deep Cuts Episode 2

Max Scott graces Witty Banter with his presence again after a grueling wait. To celebrate, we are diving into another edition of Deep Cuts: where we each pose a question and discuss our answers. There’s no news to be found here, instead sit back, and listen to idiots argue.

Witty Banter Episode 34: Xbox One Price Drop and Destiny

Witty Banter is getting the wheels moving after a lull in production. Helping us get started again is Forrest Culotta, making his first time guest appearance. We talk about Amazon’s Echo product, Activision Blizzard’s financial quarter, and speak about Xbox’s holiday sale. This week’s beer is Southern Star Brewery’s Rauchbier.

Witty Banter Episode 32: HBO Streams and Elon Drives

It’s time to find out what Elon Musk’s new car is all about, speculate on HBO offering a streaming service, and talk about Destiny’s success. Your hosts stay with the pumpkin theme and review Harpoon Brewery’s Imperial Pumpkin.

Witty Banter Episode 31: Elon Musk and Chipotle

After a bit of delay your hosts are back! This week we get our pumpkin theme rollin’ for October and give you guys a hefty helping of news. We talk about Elon Musk’s new car, Chipotle’s expanding empire, and touch on Xbox and Playstation(of course). The beer this week is Southern Tier’s Pumking.

Witty Banter Episode 30: Experiments and Detectives

This week we usher in another Witty mile stone with episode 30. Your hosts contemplate Thom Yorke’s album release, talk about season two of True Detective, and mention Gamestop in passing. This week’s beer up for review is Deep Ellum’s Dreamcrusher Double IPA.