Google Assistant and Modern Renaissance – Witty Banter Episode 152

In a very special episode of Witty Banter, Chase hosts an Ok Beast take over as Alex van Aken, Ian Preschel, and Nato Johnston join the show to talk about Google’s new assistant and what makes a modern renaissance man.

Megalobox Review – Witty Banter Episode 150

The entire Witty Banter crew delivers a fun 150th episode this week by reviewing the first episodes of Megalobox and ranking our top 3 wishes for the future.

The Difference Between Blockchain and Cryptocurrency – Witty Banter Episode 149

Hunter and Chase hold down the fort while Max is away and spend this episode explaining more details of blockchain technology and how different use-cases increase confidence in the tech.

The Electric Cost of Mining Bitcoin – Witty Banter Episode 146

This week your hosts zero in on the the electricity required to create Bitcoin in order to understand its true affect on our physical world. Next, the show is rounded out with a Hero or Zero and listener mail.

American Utopia Album Review – Witty Banter Episode 145

This week your hosts put on their music snob hats and review David Byrne’s new solo record American Utopia. The episode is finished out with some DBFZ news and listener mail!

Geralt Comes to SoulCalibur VI – Witty Banter Episode 144

On this laid back episode your hosts bounce around random topics and play a fresh new game created by Hunter.