Witty Banter Episode 46: McDonalds Makes a Change?

Your guest this week is Mr. Greg Evans, an internet aficionado. He joins the cast of banterers and talks with us about Sony’s project Morpheus, a conference from McDonalds, and high speed trading. The beer enjoyed this week is Ephemere from Unibroue brewery.

Witty Banter Episode 45: The Net is now Neutral

The show welcomes Brandon Lutz to the table this week to help us discuss the FCC’s decision on Net Neutrality. Also, Google has an AI beating video games. This week’s beer is from Third Shift Brewery: Amber Lager.

Witty Banter Episode 44: Apple’s New Car and Sony’s New Plan

This week Forrest Culotta stops by the banter studio again to help us digest the idea of an Apple car, as well as Sony’s new business outlook. The beer on review is Firestone Walker’s Double Jack.

Witty Banter Episode 43: When We Talk Music

Good friend and Renaissance man Charley Binkow joins this music themed show as we talk about Spotify and why now is the best time to be a music lover. The Beer reviewed is New Belgium’s Gruit.

Witty Banter Episode 42: Trolls and Hacks

The guest train keeps rolling as Kevin King joins the banter crew. Join us on the 16th floor of the Omni Hotel in Austin at Capital Factory as we talk about the CEO of Twitter’s recent memo, some ongoing hacks, and the Grammy’s. This week’s beer is The Temptress Imperial Milk Stout from Lakewood Brewing Company.

Witty Banter Presents: Philosophical Deep Cuts

This week we are bringing a special episode of Deep Cuts to you all. Our good friend and philosophy Grad student Ahmed Siddiqi joins us and helps your banter crew through a variety of thought. If you like heavy thinking and abstract concepts, this episode is a love letter to you.

Witty Banter Episode 40: Thirsty Planet Brewery

We are excited to bring you guys this special episode, courtesy of Thirsty Planet Brewery. Thanks to their generous invitation, your hosts were able to participate in the brewing process, and then taste a variety of their craft beers. This episode will help create an informed foundation for those who want to begin exploring the world of artisan beer. You will learn helpful descriptions of the many styles of beer, how to discern specific flavors, and where in the brewing process different characteristics are created. We hope you enjoy!

Witty Banter Episode 39: The Annual Holiday Banter

The year is coming to a close and that means its time for some reflection. Max Scott guest-hosts the final episode of the year and leads your banterers through the best movies and music of 2014. We air some grievances, rate our 2014 experiences, and try to keep the salt levels low.

Witty Banter Episode 38: Quantum Teleportation

The banter crew is back after a slight delay, and is talking about console sales, quantum teleportation, and Bo Jackson. Also, we try a style of beer we aren’t familiar with as we open up Prairie Artisan Ales’ Standard.