Witty Banter Spring Break: The Farewell Cast

Max and Chase may only have a few hours of sleep but that won’t stop them from getting on the microphone and recording some audio before the day is done! In this last Max featured episode we discuss our dark sense of humor and talk a little Star Wars.

Witty Banter Spring Nonsense: Chappie Spoilercast

Your hosts Max, and Chase still down to discuss the movie Chappie in every way possible. If you want to hear our full thoughts and opinions of the film, take a listen. If you want to see it for yourself, wait till you get done… and then listen!

Witty Banter Spring Break Special: Max Scott shows up.

The week of one off episodes continues, allowing you to drop in from time to time to see what we are up to throughout the break. Max Scott is here so stop reading this and begin listening immediately.

Witty Banter Presents: The Spring Break Specials

Its Spring break and Chase’s one true love/roommate Hunter is out on a cruise in Mexico. What else is there for Chase to do besides podcast everyday with his friends for pure enjoyment? Nothing. Stephen stops by the banter HQ to talk about anything and everything in this off the rail episode. Also, prepare yourselves for bad sound quality because Hunter is what makes this train wreck of a show actually work.

Witty Banter Episode 47: Watch Us Care

We just couldn’t settle for one guest this episode, so we called in David Wilson and Stephen Chavana to come support. Everyone knows the Apple watch was revealed, so we sat down and reacted to each one of its features. The beer this week is New Belgium’s Paardebloem.

Witty Banter Episode 46: McDonalds Makes a Change?

Your guest this week is Mr. Greg Evans, an internet aficionado. He joins the cast of banterers and talks with us about Sony’s project Morpheus, a conference from McDonalds, and high speed trading. The beer enjoyed this week is Ephemere from Unibroue brewery.

Witty Banter Episode 45: The Net is now Neutral

The show welcomes Brandon Lutz to the table this week to help us discuss the FCC’s decision on Net Neutrality. Also, Google has an AI beating video games. This week’s beer is from Third Shift Brewery: Amber Lager.

Witty Banter Episode 44: Apple’s New Car and Sony’s New Plan

This week Forrest Culotta stops by the banter studio again to help us digest the idea of an Apple car, as well as Sony’s new business outlook. The beer on review is Firestone Walker’s Double Jack.

Witty Banter Episode 43: When We Talk Music

Good friend and Renaissance man Charley Binkow joins this music themed show as we talk about Spotify and why now is the best time to be a music lover. The Beer reviewed is New Belgium’s Gruit.